Lazers & Blazers

Dance, not edit-- with Colorati

Our dear friends at Colorati want you to dance in style this summer. They're giving one lucky winner a $150 Zappos gift card! You can enter to win one of three ways:

1) Tweet: "Hey @colorati- this summer I'd rather #dancenotedit!" 

2) Instagram the image below with the hashtag #dancenotedit!.

3) Share the image below with the hashtag #dancenotedit! on Facebook and tag Colorati

feeeeet copy (1).jpg

Introducing Your DJs!!!

Shot & edited by the incomparable Sharkpig.

#1) You will not be let in without valid ID (bring that shit)

#2) We would like it (like, A LOT) if you dress fucking awesome but there is not a "dress code" unless you look like a total bum and then the venue might tell you to beat it.

#3) You would be amazed how much it actually costs to put on a party on this scale in vegas (it is so stupid). That said, even though the tickets are expensive we don't make much money off of this party. The ticket is your entrance to a great party but doesn't entitle you to anything else (free drinks, amusement park rides, bad song requests, etc.) Bring cash and come ready to sweat your ass off!

#4) This party is ALMOST SOLD OUT so if you need another ticket for your moms get it right now!

#5) Where do I pick up my ticket? On the WPPI floor at the Renaissance Albums booth (#835). Don't lose your ticket before the party, there won't be another opportunity to get a new one.

#6) No we haven't announced the venue for this year's party yet. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to find out!

We promise to provide an amazing dance party. The Smilebooths & Sharkpig will document it, the funnest people in the industry will all be on the dancefloor, and you will have a great time! Please be nice, and bring an open mind. 


The Flashdance & Smilebooth crew